Alfa Laval FPNX 728B-11G tricanter

Alfa Laval FPNX 728B-11G tricanter

€55,000 EXW Hirtshals - including 6 month warranty period

Hirtshals, Denmark

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This complete 3-phase Alfa Laval decanter unit, type FPNX728B-11G with fixed back drive system - is in an overall excellent condition.

Drum and conveyor are manufactured in acidproof stainless steel. Frame and covers are in normal steel. Dry solids outlet through 10 sludge ports in the drum. The sludge is led to the outlet via a stainlees steel wear plate.

Main motor: 45 kW, 50 Hz, 380-420 V, rpm 1475, 88 A, IP55

Bowl diameter, int.: 450/266

Max sludge density: 1,2 kg/dm3

Max bowl speed: 3250 rpm / G-force: 2657

Countershaft transmission: This back drive has two intermediate shaft driven from the sunwheel by use of a belt. Power is transmitted back to the bowl by use of another belt. With this system it is possible to select a variety of differential speeds by changing pulleys and belts. Toothed belts (timing bels) are used, and a GS coupling protects the decanter against torque overload.

Gear box: 3,5 kNm - maximum moment: 6,5 kpm

L/D ratio: 3,24 Half cone angle: 8,5 D-solids: 266 mm L-cyl: 790 mm L-cone: 670 mm

Relative speed can be changed by exchanging pulley and belts. Range from 2 - 40 rel. speed.

This 3-phase decanter unit is manufactured in Denmark.


ManufacturerAlfa Laval
ModelFPNX 728B-11G tricanter
Serial Number501.6781