Spray dryer parts

Spray dryer parts

€1,234,567 price per part

Hirtshals, Denmark

orCall +45 70 200 318


The following spray dryer parts are available for purchase per part. Majority of these parts are refurbished:

-POLLRICH suction ventilator

-NOVENCO CPC cooling ventilator

-NOVENCO CT ventilator - SS

-Aerzener blower unit

-VÅV sieve - SS

-Rannie high pressure pump - SS

-ANHYDRO inter. fluid bed, IDF 46

-SS - external fluid bed - 42S

-Frame for external fluid bed

-SS dehumidifier unit

-SS - air channel, small bend

-SS - air channel, big bend

-SS - internal fluid bed channel - air outlet - 180 degrees bend. with CIP nozzle

-SS - channel

-SS - air exchanger for cyclones

-SS - Cyclone 1, in as is, with CIP

-SS - Cyclone 2, in as is, with CIP

-SS - Air filter casing 1

-SS - Air filter casing 2

-SS – dry air inlet – for nozzle atomizer

-SS – dry air inlet – for atomizer disc unit

-SS - Atomizer unit, type CE250

-SS – 2 extra Atomizer spare unit – CE250 + 1 motor - NEBB

-SS - 3 lance nozzle unit

-SS – 2 lance nozzle units - spare

-SS - Insert for nozzle unit – hot air inlet cone

-Box with small cooling? Ventilator. + APV valves etc.

-3 x DMN Westinghouse rotary unit, type DL 175 DAI   01-3787 N=18

-Bag filter


Model3-stages spray drying plant, type II K