1-pass MVR falling film vacuum evaporator unit

1-pass MVR falling film vacuum evaporator unit

€135,000 (EUR)

Hirtshals, Denmark

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This EPCON evaporator was designed to concentrate whey products from 5% to 20% total solids in just one pass.

This falling film evaporator plant operates with a Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) unit, which utilizes electricity to recompress evaporated water, transforming it into reusable steam. The water evaporation capacity ranges between 4,000 and 4,200 kg/hour, dependent on product parameters and boiling temperature.

Equipped with 745 pipes measuring Ø38 x 6 meters, in addition to the MVR characteristic and boiling temperature considerations, this EPCON evaporator boasts an impressive water evaporation capacity of approximately 4,200 kg/hour.

For your convenience, the complete EPCON unit will be delivered with its original technical documentation. The installation footprint measures around 8 x 8 meters, standing at approximately 8 meters in height.

This EPCON evaporator has the potential for a redesign/rebuild into a 2-pass evaporator, amplifying water evaporation capacity by approximately 25%. Our expert evaporator designer is ready to provide tailored calculations and drawings to optimize this unit for your specific application.

Materials in contact with product are made of acidproof stainless steel, AISI316.


Model1-pass falling film vacuum evaporator with one MVR unit