1-pass MVR falling film vacuum evaporator unit

1-pass MVR falling film vacuum evaporator unit

€85,000 in as is condition - EXW

Hirtshals, Denmark

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This falling film evaporator plant operate with a MVR unit (Mechanical Vapour Recompression), which use electricity to recompress the evaporated water and hereby convert it to steam for re-use. The water evaporation capacity is depending on product and boiling temperature, but in the range of 6.000 – 7.500 water evaporation per hour. When introducing 2 x MVR unit, the water evaporation capacity can be doubled - thus 12.000 - 15.000 liter water evaporation per hour.

This complete EPCON unit will be delivered including original technical documentation. The footprint for the original installation was around 8 x 8 meter and around 6 meter in height.

This EPCON evaporator can be redesigned/rebuild to a 2 pass evaporator, thus increasing water evaporating capacity and energy efficiency. Our evaporator designer can produce new calculations and drawings for your project.


Model1-pass falling film vacuum evaporator with one MVR unit