Alfa Laval AVNX 935B-31G (NX 4555) decanter

Alfa Laval AVNX 935B-31G (NX 4555) decanter

€77,500 EXW Hirtshals - including 6 month warranty period

Hirtshals, Denmark

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Reconditioned Alfa Laval decanter, type AVNX 935B-31G with Viscotherm Rotodiff gearbox. Complete, including machine frame, 45 kW ABB motor, 50 Hz, 380 V.


Vicotherm Rotodiff automatic back drive system with hydraulic station with 22 kW motor. The Rotodiff 1070 D has a continuous torque of 7433 Nm at 250 bar pressure.

For dewatering of active biological sludge. Capacity: approximately 800 kg/hour. I ex. 20 m3/hour with 4 % dry solids.

Drum diameter: 450/258 mm, Max sludge density: 1,2 kg/dm3, max bowl speed: 3250 rpm.

The bowl has steep cone with baffle disc on the conveyor cone in order to achieve higher dry solids content in the dewatered sludge.


Including Alfa Laval original electrical panel with Omron frequency converters for decanter motor, polymere stirrer, polymere screw, polymer pump unit and sludge feed pump. Including technical documentation.

We have the polymere unit available for this system.


Serial Number501.7738